This is the proof of the real North-South divide!

Just study this map for a moment. There are quite a few suprises in it!


Okay, the capital city is still in the south-east, as is generally accepted (although some seem to think its the center of the universe, never mind the center of the UK!). But just look at Manchester and Liverpool... shock, horror, they are not northern towns after all. In fact, they are not even north-western towns. Manchester and Liverpool actually fall well and truly inside 'the midlands'! (marked by the center circle)

Other suprises: The Isle of Man is the only part of England in the north-west. Bristol is actually south-country, not west-country. West-country is actually not country at all, it could quite correctly be renamed 'wet-country'. Newcastle remains northern, but just that - no more north-east for you guys, sorry thats for the people of Middlesbrough and Hull now - oh, and the people of Leeds!

So how's all this worked out? Is it realy true?

Well, yes, it is actually true. The divisions are completely fair, and in fact very simple.
Here's how it works:

That's the fairest way of doing things geographically. Nothing political. Takes no account of land mass present in any section. Just pure and simple junior school maths.

Why did I do this?

It bugged me! That's the simple reason. Forever hearing out estemed BBC going on about things happening in the north-west, or north of England - then talking about Manchester or Liverpool. Newcastle, Carlisle, Preston, and Lancaster are in the north! The BBC seem intent on running these two cities out as the heart of the north.
And its not just 'aunty' beeb either. It seems generally accepted that the most northern point of England is Manchester - with Newcastle being just to the right of Manchester in 'the north-east'. It's nothing against Manchester or Liverpool, its just that a bg chunk of the country is being forgotten.
I put this page and map together to show once and for all where the north really is! I don't expect anyone to take any notice whatsoever, but I've made my point now, so I'm a bit happier.

Thanks for taking the time to read it.
Dan Gibson

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